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Pro Door Doctor offers the latest garage door Torsion Spring systems that are optimized to outperform other spring systems and offer greater versatility. Other spring systems are “cheaply made” and tend to “wear-out” much quicker because they’re not done with the correct springs for the weight of your door. Our technicians are trained to calculate for each door and we stock over 40 types of springs to make sure that our trained technicians will have the correct equipment for every job.

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What Is A Torsion Spring?

Torsion Springs are the most common garage door spring systems. They are usually mounted horizontally above the door opening. As the door comes down, cables that are attached to the bottom corners of the door will cause the springs to wind up and this winding creates stored energy. When the door is opened, the springs unwind and the energy helps lift the garage door. As the door is cycled up and down, though, the steel in the springs weakens and can no longer lift the door.

Why Torsion Spring Systems?

Torsion Spring systems are more common than any other system, due in part to the extreme versatility. A Torsion Spring System includes cables, drums, end plates (with bearings), center plate, center bearing, torsion tube, and we recommend two torsion springs. Each spring is wound and lifts a different weight depending on the size. Here is where torsion springs far outperform the Torque Master. We can add that additional spring to get more cycle life. Based on the weight (whether it be insulated, double steel, windows, gauge of door) we calculate for the heaviness of the door and install the proper springs. Here’s the downside to Torsion Springs, people forget how dangerous springs are because they are used every day and not given much thought until they break. There are so many horror stories in the garage door industry of people being severely injured trying to fix it themselves, but that is a topic for another time. Let the experts handle your install. Our torsion spring prices start at $198 and up to $298 installed depending on the size of the spring and if you choose to install one or two.

Do you replace Torque Masters Springs?

Yes, we do! Most local Nashville area homes have the Torque Masters spring systems installed. Torque Masters are manufactured, created, produced, and installed by Wayne Dalton. The idea behind their system is simple, it cleans up the look of the install by hiding the springs, in a galvanized 1” tube above the door. There’s a couple of advantages for this, the first being that it obviously looks much cleaner than traditional spring methods. The other benefit is that because the Torque Master is all one piece, the install is typically much faster. That, however, is where the good points of this system end. Torque Tubes can only be purchased through Wayne Dalton which means that because it’s their trademark they can sell it for any price they choose. Additionally, if you can obtain a Torque Tube or if you have an existing tube it can only be adjusted by a custom trademark Wayne Dalton tool. Another downside to this system is that because the install looks so clean, you can’t see the springs, so if one breaks you may not know for several months and in that time, it’s very common to burn up the motor or strip the gears in the motor from the stress of it lifting a lot more weight than it was designed to do. You can expect to pay as low as $469 from us or as high as $675 from the other companies.

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