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You may have heard a loud pop in your garage before and thought that something exploded. Most customer’s report of hearing something that sounds like a gunshot or a car back firing. Typically, this sound means that your spring has broken but how do you know which spring you have and how much will it cost to fix this problem. First you want to determine if you have a torsion spring or extension spring system.

Garage Door Springs

Torsion springs are found above the door on the wall and are typically mounted in the center of the garage door. Now that you know you’ve got a torsion spring; how much is this going to cost you? On average, customers can expect to pay anywhere from $199 to $349 depending on the door guy they chose. Some garage door companies tell you that you need to replace the torsion bar, torsion cables but most of the time it is not the case. At Pro Door Doctor, we charge between $199 – $249. We will determine the spring size based on the size of the door, insulation, windows and height. If you have a two-car single door then it is recommended that you have two springs on the door. We will only charge between $50 – $95 for a second spring. Again, this all depends on the calculations we do for your door.

If you have an extension spring system these can be found attached to the horizontal track that holds up your door. These are older systems and we recommend converting to a torsion spring system, but Pro Door Doctor can replace extension springs. The cost of an extension spring replacement is on average between $145 – $189 depending on the size and if we are replacing one or two. Extension springs have a safety cable that should be attached in the center of the spring and if not carefully and skillfully done can cause damage if the spring breaks and goes flying through the air. Your safety is Pro Door Doctors main concern when it comes to garage doors and garage door operators.

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