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Bill Yuss & Debbie Yuss

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Long story short

Bill Yuss (Pro Door Doctor) started his garage door repair and installation journey in Chicago, Il, fifty years ago. From his humble beginnings to now, Bill has worked hard to provide exceptional customer service and artistry to everything he does. When asked how it all started, Bill will tell you the story of a teenager working in a gas station and backing his boss’s tow truck into the garage door. He knew he had to fix it and couldn’t afford to pay anyone, so he stayed there all night and figured it out. His boss was happy, and he had just taught himself a new trade.


We have all the right tools, let us help you.

Bill started his first garage door repair and installation business out of his van and has taught many others how to repair and install garage doors. His love isn’t for the garage doors, but for the people he has been able to meet and help. It’s not hard to see that Pro Door Doctor will be around for a long time, and it’s thanks to the many customers that continue to support not only the business but the employees that Pro Door Doctor now considers family.

Our Mission

The mission of Pro Door Doctor is to be a leader in the garage door industry by providing unmatched repair, installation and customer service. We do this by operating our business with integrity while maintaining godly principles and a family culture.

Meet Our Team

Bill Yuss
Owner / Lead Technician
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Preston Lane
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Jane Wiesman
Accounts Receivable
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Debbie Yuss
Accounts Payable
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James Carter


Brayden Gilles


Bill Yuss & Debbie Yuss

Mike Wiesman


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